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About Us

We’ve been in car dealership business since 2006, started as a small company in Pennsylvania, and grew large by expanding our business worldwide. Not only that we are your best choice for you to get Subaru parts, but you can also inquire about any engine part that has Subaru mark on it.



Repairing damaged or entirely broken Subaru parts is what we do best. Due to our ten year experience of dealing with Subaru engines, transmissions, brakes, exhausts and other parts essential for this car, we’ve perfected the process of restoration. We know how hard it is to get shipping services for certain parts, so why not repair it?


Mod adjustment is a new service that we’ve introduced and are proud to offer to our unique clientele. If you want to get more from your ride, the best thing you can do it tune it up by adding a couple of hot mods. Nothing else perks up your ride more than a couple of high-tech suspension parts or a new brake system.


Performing maintenance on your own may cost you money and time, and in the end, you might even do irreversible damage to a specific car part. This is why it is always recommended that you turn to professional for help. We have the right tools and machines to do a thorough diagnostic car test and reassure you that you’ve come to the right place.

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Sam Fisher, New Jersey

“Since I started modding my Subaru, I couldn’t help but notice how hard it is to get the right parts and avoid scams. Many places that I had tried proved to be unreliable or sold junk parts. After I received my first part in only 1 day and in perfect condition I am now a regular customer and recommend Vintage Subaru to whoever I meet.”

Matt Peterson, Arizona

“Making fine adjustments to my Subaru simply wouldnt be possible if I were to do it on my own. I heard about Vintage Subaru from a friend of mine. As soon as I contacted them and inquired about a part that was extremely hard to find and they were able to locate it for me, I knew that I was in the right place. They are extremely knowledgeable about everything from serial numbers, fitment information, swaps, etc. We’ve been doing business for over five years now, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their services.”

Trey Barksdale, Wisconsin

“I was recommended to vintage Subaru from Wolf Auto Parts. You won’t find a better-equipped shop than Vintage Subaru. I was having an issue with my Subaru swapped VW Vanagon and they were able to diagnose and fix the engine issue within 3 days. Other shops would not even touch this car as it was modified. I know recommend Vintage Subaru to everyone I meet.”

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