Read Your Vintage Subaru Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification NumberSubaru Impreza has been manufactured since 1992 by Subaru. Over the years they’ve improved this model in so many ways, giving birth to new generations in the process. Currently, there are five generations. But if you are a fan of the old school Impreza’s from the first generation and have one in the garage how do you proceed with modifying this vintage vehicle? It’s not that hard, but you will need to learn how to read ID numbers.

Engine ID.

The first and most important set of digits that you need to get familiarized with is the engine ID number. This number will have basic information about your car type, horsepower, as well as the chassis codes. To find the number you will have to open your hood and remove the intercooler. Now that you have access to a full set of digits you can continue to deciphering the code itself.

VIN Location and Meaning.

Vehicle Identification Number

Every car has this set of numbers on it, the location of this code may not be the same for every model. In some cases, you can find it on your engine but also in the left front corner of your dashboard or on various body panels and engine parts. The most important thing is that you know what each set of a number means. This VIN is divided into groups where each represents something whether it’s the country code, manufacturer, vehicle type, line type, engine type, or model year. Search for VIN decipherer or turn to your car dealership for more information about these codes and their meaning.